Krav Maga near Somers
I definitely was looking for a change.  I had joined gyms before, but just kind of felt stuck.  My first class was brutal, I don't think I've ever sweat that much in my entire life, but I loved it.  I felt really proud.  I never thought that I would take a self defense class.  It seemed intimidating.  I was nervous to join a group of people who where...

Meet Sydney

Krav Maga near Somers
I travel internationally a lot to countries all over the world, several of them not safe at all.  I was bored with the traditional gym and I was looking for a workout routine that would comb one fitness with self defense, and something that was going to engage me mind and body.  And I found Krav.  My first class here was with Davide.  He's a wonderful teacher.  One thing that surprised me...

Meet Bob

Krav Maga near Somers
My concern about coming to Krav Maga New York was first that I was not fit enough, I was too old, I just was afraid that it would be too strenuous for me and I wouldn't be able to keep up.  I was wrong.  My first class there were other people like me who were just beginning.  There was no feeling that I couldn't do it.  I am strong enough, and I became fit doing Krav Maga and their fitness classes.  My family thought I was crazy at first... 

Meet Susan

Krav Maga near Somers
I had just had my first child so I wanted to learn how to defend my family a little bit better.  That's what got me here in the door initially.  Before my first class I was really nervous.  I was definitely a little scared of coming here and making an absolute fool of myself, but my first class was a blast.  I trained with a student who was an upper level student.  he taught me a lot and I walked away feeling empowered, amazed and exited for... 

Meet Erik

I have been training with KMNY for 3 months now and have nothing but positive comments. The Instructors are fantastic and you are always made to feel welcome by both staff and other students. If you want to learn self defense and get fit then this is the place to be.

Mark Tidmus

Krav Maga near Somers
Before I discovered Krav Maga New York, I really never gave self defense any thought.  I didn't think I needed to.  But I did it for my girls and then eventually realized that it was very empowering for me.  The first class that I took I vas very, very hesitant and very nervous...

Meet Stephanie

Davide and his team are great! Our children are learning wonderful life tactics in a fun, safe, professional and encouraging environment. This location is 30 minutes from our home but we were so impressed by Krav Maga NY that we immediately signed up and I would like to add that we have been very happy members for the past 3 months.

Bill Lynch

David’s staff and facility are excellent! I highly recommend the training and expertise available at Krav Maga NY!

Douglas Mitchell

I've been training at KMNY for almost 2.5 years now. It was my first experience doing any type of martial arts or self defense and I've been coming nonstop since I started. When Davide approached me about becoming an instructor last year, I would have been crazy to say no. KMNY has had such a huge impact on my life, and now I get to help people the way my fellow instructors helped me when I started out.

Emily Lagace

I've been training at KMNY for over a year and I've enjoyed every moment. Davide, Erin and the rest of the other instructors are knowledgeable, patient and supportive. The krav maga techniques that I've learned there have increased my confidence and self-defense aptitude. Their supplemental fitness classes have improved my cardio, strength and mobility. And the other students are friendly and enthusiastic; it's a great community.

David V.

Davide and Erin are not only at the top of the heap as practitioners of Krav Maga - they are also tremendous instructors. They have that rare combination of mastery, great communication skills, patience, humility, and authority minus even a hint of arrogance. Whether you are a beginner or on your way to the advanced levels, you are treated with the same respect and tenacity. Their rapport and skill at instructing kids borders on the magical, no easy accomplishment. Whether you are there for fitness, Krav, or more commonly for both, KMNY is life-changing.

Brian Eddols

It’s a great fighting training, it will change your mentality about been more aware of your surroundings. Awesome self defense fighting techniques. Good for all ages.

Yesenia Diaz

KMNY, Davide, Erin and every instructor are great. Everything truly deserves "5 stars:" the facilities, the instruction and even the other students (particularly the other more advanced students who couldn't be more helpful). Ultimately, it's the spirit of this place.

David D.

I recently joined Karv Maga New York in July 2019. David & his instructors are true professionals. They always make their students feel comfortable. The classes are always well organized. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It's a great place to get a great workout and learn Karv Maga techniques. I highly recommend Karv Maga New York.

Marco V.

I'm the owner of Rocky Mountain Self Defense and Fitness. I've trained with Davide for many years. If you are lucky enough to be able to train at his gym, you are lucky to have one of the best Krav Maga Instructors at your disposal. Get in and train in the best self defense system Krav Maga with a top notch instructor!

John Hallett

I have been training here for a month. The staff is super supportive and there is also a very supportive culture among the students as well. I just started my oldest daughter as well.

Howard Seitz

Excellent Staff, Great Training, Everyone Welcomes You Like A Family Member & Helps You Learn The Techniques At Your Pace & Level! 👍

Tim Collins

I have had the great pleasure of training with Davide for several years in a row at Krav Maga events in Colorado. He is an excellent instructor and practitioner. I absolutely recommend training under him and his team. Fight hard. Train hard. Stay safe.

Austin Lee

My kids have taken classes at KravMagaNY for 6 years. They love it. The teachers are professional and make the classes fun. I also have attended training seminars that are well run and very informative.

Melanie Polito Millard

Been taking classes at KMNY for over 3 months now. So far I love it. After having done all sorts of athletic things from Tae Kwon Do, Running to CrossFit to Zumba, for me, it seems to pull it all together into one excellently presented package. Let's just say this...when I miss a class...I really miss it.

Jennie Rebecca

After years of procrastination I'm so glade I've decided finally to take a free class ! All the instructors are friendly , knowledgeable , and willing to go at your own pace . I am in the best shape of my life and I'm 57! 
I have gained confidence knowing that when I train each week , My self defense   fundementals needed to neutralize a potential dangerous situation increases . 
KMNY is not just a place to learn self defense , they offer fitness classes and seminars on health, first aide etc . 
I highly recommend KMNY !!!

Tony S.

Took a Womens Self Defense course on Saturday with Erin and really enjoyed it. Great class, important training - definitely recommend.

Katie Kubisek

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