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Alvin A

Alvin’s children and wife were participating in a local karate class, and when Krav Maga was offered on alternating days, Alvin decided it was time for him to give his interest in the MMA a try. Alvin married his passions of being an instructor and an extreme athlete. His dynamic energy as a training manager in the hospitality industry presents the perfect conduit for being a certified Krav Maga Training Instructor . He feels called to helping people and recognizes that everyone learns in different ways and on different levels. He especially likes to break things down so students can find ways to make progress. His accolades are genuine, and in his words, “Seeing students with smiles on their faces is so rewarding to me.” His enthusiasm is contagious, and he’s willing to go that extra mile - or ten miles rather. Alvin trained for two years and knocked off one hour of his personal best time during a Tough Mudder run. You can always say, “May The Force be with you,” when you pass him by. His boyhood dream of being Luke Sywalker need never die.

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