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Amy T

Amy is one of those hard to find people that consciously seeks opportunities that force her to move outside of her comfort zone (who does that?). Whether it’s hiking, skiing, climbing, or kayaking, Amy embraces challenges even when the trade-off is discomfort. She attended a Krav Maga New York seminar in 2014 for that reason. She enjoyed the challenge that Krav Maga training offered so much that immediately after the seminar she decided to continue. Over the years, Amy has grown into a powerful practitioner. Off that mat she’s friendly, casual, refined and very much a lady, but don’t let that fool you. Spend 5 minutes with her on the mat and you’ll quickly realize that Amy kicks ass. One of Krav Maga New York’s finest up and coming Instructors, she’s a lover of the outdoors, an inspiration for our youth, and a great communicator who ironically, in spite of seeking discomfort for herself, has the amazing ability to make you instantly comfortable. Amy also loves to travel and has visited 49 out of our 50 states.

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