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Bill M

Bill’s lifelong interest in the martial arts started in childhood with a proclivity for boxing and kickboxing. Before long, he filled his father’s army duffel bag with dirt, and he dragged it into his basement and used to train - and he knew then that this type of activity would always be a part of his identity. Bill would practice what he learned from watching other people box. His brother was into jiu jitsu and judo, and Bill would learn informally from his brother. After Bill’s jiu jitsu school closed, he did some research and in 2006 joined Davide’s classes. He kept coming back, trained, earned his Krav Maga Black Belt and began teaching in 2014. He finds it rewarding to watch students strive to better themselves as they go out of their comfort zones realizing that they can do it. As they gain confidence, students believe in themselves and are willing to take on even more challenges. If you think you recognize him from your local soccer field, that’s him; Bill's second sport of passion is soccer!

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