near Somers

Emily L

In 2015, Emily’s older sister convinced her (I guess you could say forced her) to attend a local, women’s only self-defense seminar taught by Krav Maga New York. Emily had no idea what she was getting into. After the seminar, Emily signed up for a trial. After the trial, Emily enrolled as a full-fledged Krav Maga New York student. As a student, she attended close to 300 classes in her first year, beating all kids of attendance records. Emily found the training challenging, inspiring, and empowering, and trained relentlessly. Today, Emily is a certified Krav Maga Instructor and continues to attend an unprecedented number of classes. She trains almost every day, and when she’s not training, she’s transferring her knowledge and inspiring others. Although on the training mats she’s part machine, if you spend a few minutes with her off the mat you’ll quickly learn that Emily is down to earth, lots of fun to be around and even a little shy. When she’s not training, she builds her own guitars, enjoys music and going to concerts, plays video games, and likes to chill out with good movie.

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