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Marc M

Marc is among New York’s finest police officers. Marc has been a Police Officer for 20 years, starting in the Bronx and is now with the Westchester County Police. He is a 12 year SWAT team member and instructor and currently trains new police recruits as well as SWAT teams in firearms, tactics and defensive tactics. Well trained in defense tactics and firearms, Marc has deep respect for the reality of Krav Maga training. What makes Krav Maga truly unique is its ability to build off of the body’s natural movement. Krav Maga took Marc beyond traditional controlled competition into the skills of survival. Certified as a Krav Maga Training Instructor, a Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor, a Civilian Armed Tactics Instructor and Law Enforcement Training Instructor, Marc shares his invaluable expertise teaching both fellow officers and students.

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