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Paul L

When Paul moved to Westchester, he joined Davide’s Fitness, a former gym that was split between weightlifting and Krav Maga. Soon after, Paul’s five-year-old son wanted to take karate, and Paul brought him to a kid’s Krav Maga class hoping his son would take a liking to it. His son did in fact enjoy the art. Moreover, Paul’s face was often practically pressed against the glass partition as he spent more time watching his son do what Paul calls, “really cool stuff” than he did focusing on his own sets of reps. Davide suggested that Paul give Krav Maga a try, and Paul is yet to regret the calling to “ the other side of the glass.” Paul’s entire family attended classes regularly, and his desire to share Krav Maga with others grew exponentially. Paul loves the fighting and physical engagement of Krav Maga and is a Certified Krav Maga Training Instructor. He specializes in teaching children’s classes, and he also coaches youth football in his community. He finds working with children to be extremely rewarding, and this belief is evident his motto: “When a kids get it, it means a great deal to them, which means a great deal to me, too.”

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