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Krav Maga New York Instructors, classes, and presentations, have received countless customer reviews, comments and thank you letters. You’ll find a list of Krav Maga New York customer reviews below.

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Customer Reviews

“Hi Pat, I wanted to pass on the above link and suggest that it be added to United Way’s database of anti-bullying, assertiveness training and self-esteem building resources.  Last Tuesday, Davide Gristina Westchester’s “Bully Expert”, provided the second of two pro-bono trainings for our foster parents in his unique approach to bullying prevention; Verbal Judo.  Davide is a dynamic and engrossing presenter and was extremely well-received by the attendees.  This training has also been presented to local school districts and crisis responders/negotiators.  Located in Somers, his center is convenient for both Westchester and Putnam residents.  With the new school year upon us, this is a valuable resource for both parents and professionals.” – Christine H.

“Great work Davide. I’m proud to be one of your students… You are building more then students…you are building a Krav Maga family” – Paul F.

“I had a great time in class on Saturday.  I was happily surprised to see Ed as the instructor.  I have known him for over 25 years. He did an excellent job.  The class was individually the best I have ever had.  That is not an exaggeration. I’ve had hundreds of hours in defensive tactics from organizations ranging from the Army to the State Police. In one hour, I felt that I got more real life practical training than in all the previous courses.  I’m looking forward to the next sessions.” – James M.

“I love the spirit you’ve infused into your school in the time I’ve been away.  You’ve recaptured the enthusiasm and camaraderie that I remember from way back.  Maybe even raised it up a notch.” – Stevan A.

“Hi Luna, I Just got back from my first class. I was so impressed with the class. Davide’s teaching style is excellent, the people made me feel so welcome and I am completely surprised at how much I learned in one lesson. I am looking forward to a long journey with Krav Maga. Maybe you could pass this along to Davide.” – Erik S.

“This was by far the best course that I attended this year. The instructors were knowledgeable and proficient. The level of training was appropriate. As an instructor myself, I recognized and appreciated the instructors working with the different levels in the class and providing benefits to all the students. Ground fighting is underrated in many Police DT programs. I feel that they should definitely be brought back next year and maybe even expand more into stand up fighting.” – NYTOA Attendee

“Davide, I want you to know that I will carry what you tough me (in many ways) with me until I am dust,,, I want to thank you for being in the top 4 teachers that have influenced me in such a positive way in my life to date…. you are special.” – Vinny M.

“It was such a positive atmosphere in class last night.  People felt so good and the Instructors were great.  So many people were expressing that yesterday.  You should know that you have done a great job and your students are very happy.” – Patricia F.

“It only takes one person to change the way Law Enforcement trains and in this area Davide is that one person.” – Mike D.

“What marks a great instructor is his ability to teach in a way that impacts every aspect of a student’s life.  That’s what you and Chris have done for me Davide.  I’m truly thankful.” – Matt N.  

“I’ve been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for years and have always wanted to venture into the world of Krav Maga. Thanks to the NYTOA guys, I finally got the opportunity to mix styles! The instructors were amazing and this course is a must for all Police Officers!” – NYTOA Attendee

“Davide, You are one in a million!” – Daniela S.

“My son and I are LOVING your school! We are just so happy we found you. Your school is our new family and we are both just so content. Thank you for that. Seriously. I literally can’t thank you and your Krav family enough for helping us to heal, let go of the old school, and open our hearts, minds and muscles to the new and improved way of self-defense. Your family is now our family & I am just so grateful.” – Donna L.

“Wow Luna. I’m am extremely impressed with your customer service.”  – Meredith B.

“You have built a wonderful institution with KMNY that changes lives Davide – especially with how people think.  Not a lot of leaders can say that.” – John K.