Krav Maga New York Customer Reviews

Our instructors, classes, and presentations have received countless customer reviews, comments, and thank you letters.  We’re proud to share our 5-Star customer reviews with you here.

Krav Maga New York Customer Reviews

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"Hi Pat, I wanted to pass on the above link and suggest that it be added to United Way's database of anti-bullying, assertiveness training and self-esteem building resources.  Last Tuesday, Davide Gristina Westchester's "Bully Expert", provided the second of two pro-bono trainings for our foster parents in his unique approach to bullying prevention; Verbal Judo.  Davide is a dynamic and engrossing presenter and was extremely well-received by the attendees.  This training has also been presented to local school districts and crisis responders/negotiators.  Located in Somers, his center is convenient for both Westchester and Putnam residents.  With the new school year upon us, this is a valuable resource for both parents and professionals."
Christine H.
"I had a great time in class on Saturday.  I was happily surprised to see Ed as the instructor.  I have known him for over 25 years. He did an excellent job.  The class was individually the best I have ever had.  That is not an exaggeration. I’ve had hundreds of hours in defensive tactics from organizations ranging from the Army to the State Police. In one hour, I felt that I got more real life practical training than in all the previous courses.  I’m looking forward to the next sessions."
James M.

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