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For a Krav Maga schedule of ongoing weekly classes, click here.

For Krav Maga schedule events including seminars, promotions, presentations and other specialty events, scroll through our event calendar below, select the event you’re interested in and follow the online registration instructions.

If you want to take a trial class to see if our proven methods are right for you, you can click here and register for a trial.

Since 2004 we have offered hundreds of Krav Maga based self defense seminars, camps and presentations tailored to select audiences. These include Self Defense For Women Only, Verbal Self Defense for Parents, Teachers and Administrators, Custom Police Training Segments and Intros to Krav Maga Training.

From Police weapon retention training, to weapon defenses, to our Snatch Proof seminar hosted way back in 2006 – and by way of countless presentations at Public Libraries, Temples, High Schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, Law Enforcement conferences, public, charity, and other events, we have contributed much to our community on the subject of personal safety.

If you’re interested in hosting a seminar, presentation or other event, you can contact us here.