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Krav Maga Training is best delivered by a dedicated staff that exclusively teaches Krav Maga based defensive tactics. We’re home to more than a dozen Krav Maga Training Instructors, many of whom are active Law Enforcement professionals, and all of whom are certified by nationally recognized licensing bodies.

Our Krav Maga Training Instructors have trained and continue to train with the best Krav Maga, 3rd party protection, weapons, tactics, use of force, and other subject matter experts across the United States and overseas, including Israel.

As one participant wrote, there is “no machismo from these instructors. It’s one thing to be able to teach a technique to someone, but to teach it in a way that makes the person feel empowered is a unique ability.”

Below you’ll meet our Krav Maga Training Instructors, but we believe we make a far better impression in person, so why not stop by and watch us in action? 

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Meet Our Krav Maga Training Instructors

Davide was on the hunt for a constructive hobby, and, as fate would have it, in 1996 that hobby began in a trial martial arts class. From that day forward, he never looked back. His fervor for the art continued to build over the next five years as he earned his first black belt. In 2002, Davide tried Krav Maga for the first time and fell in love with it. He knew that he wanted to teach. In 2003, he obtained the first of many certifications including: Krav Maga Training Instructor, Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Civilian Armed Tactics Instructor and Law Enforcement Training Instructor. Davide is devoted to sharing his passion for Krav Maga and fitness with people.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Davide G.
Erin grew up on karate and MMA earning her first black belt at age twelve. Sports and athletics were always a part of her life, and after graduating from college, she continued to pursue her love of fitness and delved deeper into self-defense oriented training. In 2009, she met Davide and about a year later, she took Krav Mag's grueling seven day certification course.  The tough training made her stronger and more tenacious. Over the course of several more years of training, Erin earned certifications as both a Krav Maga Training Instructor and a Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor. She is also a member of the NSCA (National Strength Conditioning Association).  Erin truly enjoys the energy of working with both children and adults. She finds watching her students of all ages improve in strength and stamina inspirational. If Erin looks familiar, you might recognize her from her toddler modeling days. She is a bold adventurer, and inspiration for women power and devoted hard worker.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Erin O.
Marc is among New York’s finest police officers. Marc has been a Police Officer for 20 years, starting in the Bronx and is now with the Westchester County Police.  He is a 12 year SWAT team member and instructor and currently trains new police recruits as well as SWAT teams in firearms, tactics and defensive tactics.  Well trained in defense tactics and firearms, Marc has deep respect for the reality of Krav Maga training. What makes Krav Maga truly unique is its ability to build off of the body’s natural movement. Krav Maga took Marc beyond traditional controlled competition into the skills of survival. Certified as a Krav Maga Training Instructor, a Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor, a Civilian Armed Tactics Instructor and Law Enforcement Training Instructor, Marc shares his invaluable expertise teaching both fellow officers and students.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Marc M.
Bill’s lifelong interest in the martial arts started in childhood with a proclivity for boxing and kickboxing. Before long, he filled his father’s army duffel bag with dirt, and he dragged it into his basement and used to train - and he knew then that this type of activity would always be a part of his identity. Bill would practice what he learned from watching other people box. His brother was into jiu jitsu and judo, and Bill would learn informally from his brother. After Bill’s jiu jitsu school closed, he did some research and in 2006 joined Davide’s classes. He kept coming back, trained, earned his Krav Maga Black Belt and began teaching in 2014. He finds it rewarding to watch students strive to better themselves as they go out of their comfort zones realizing that they can do it. As they gain confidence, students believe in themselves and are willing to take on even more challenges. If you think you recognize him from your local soccer field, that’s him; Bill's second sport of passion is soccer!
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Bill M.
An active Law Enforcement officer trained both in the martial arts and self-defense tactics, Gil brings to KMNY his aptness as an instructor. Gil’s encounter with Krav Maga began when he ventured into one of Davide’s intro classes back in 2006. Gil had an instant appreciation for the realistic situations that can occur during an attack (such as being attacked with a gun or a knife), and he wanted to empower others to be prepared should such a situation arise. A certified Krav Maga Training Instructor, Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor and Law Enforcement Training Instructor, Gil relishes watching the students overcome an obstacle during training. He believes student growth is reciprocal and helps him to improve as a teacher. Never afraid of a challenge, Gil is set on finishing his fictional action book in the future.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Gil R.
Chris grew up with soccer and wrestling and in-between sports, during off season months, he practiced traditional martial arts. After graduating Yorktown High School in 2001 Chris attended New England College. There he joined a martial arts club and continued to wrestle. Shortly after graduating college in 2005 he met Davide and was introduced to Krav Maga. He received his first certification way back in 2006 and today is a certified Krav Maga Training Instructor, a Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor, and a Law Enforcement Training Instructor. Chris is a Law Enforcement Officer who’s dedication to training and to the safety of his special response unit is both clear and limitless.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Chris A.
Amanda’s background in Krav Maga began after a co-worker showed her a flyer for a Women’s Defense Seminar. Amanda took this suggestion and ran with it. After trying Krav Maga for one month, she couldn’t stop. She believes it’s crucial for women to feel self-empowered. After a year and a half of training, Amanda earned her certification as a Krav Maga Training Instructor. She enjoys challenging herself and is currently working towards the goal of obtaining a certification in Personal Training. Amanda enjoys watching new students develop skills and strength. She sees herself continuing to train and teach as she advances into deeper and exciting challenges. Teaching is a gift Amanda shares with others - currently as an instructor, and her past includes forest and wetland ecology education. Amanda has a fun side too. You might hear her recite a quote from the famous Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax. In fact, Amanda knows every word!
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Amanda L.
Alvin’s children and wife were participating in a local karate class, and when Krav Maga was offered on alternating days, Alvin decided it was time for him to give his interest in the MMA a try. Alvin married his passions of being an instructor and an extreme athlete. His dynamic energy as a training manager in the hospitality industry presents the perfect conduit for being a certified Krav Maga Training Instructor . He feels called to helping people and recognizes that everyone learns in different ways and on different levels. He especially likes to break things down so students can find ways to make progress. His accolades are genuine, and in his words, “Seeing students with smiles on their faces is so rewarding to me.” His enthusiasm is contagious, and he’s willing to go that extra mile - or ten miles rather. Alvin trained for two years and knocked off one hour of his personal best time during a Tough Mudder run. You can always say, “May The Force be with you,” when you pass him by. His boyhood dream of being Luke Sywalker need never die.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Alvin A.
In 2015, Emily’s older sister convinced her (I guess you could say forced her) to attend a local, women’s only self-defense seminar taught by Krav Maga New York.  Emily had no idea what she was getting into.  After the seminar, Emily signed up for a trial.  After the trial, Emily enrolled as a full-fledged Krav Maga New York student.  As a student, she attended close to 300 classes in her first year, beating all kids of attendance records.  Emily found the training challenging, inspiring, and empowering, and trained relentlessly.  Today, Emily is a certified Krav Maga Instructor and continues to attend an unprecedented number of classes.  She trains almost every day, and when she’s not training, she’s transferring her knowledge and inspiring others.  Although on the training mats she’s part machine, if you spend a few minutes with her off the mat you’ll quickly learn that Emily is down to earth, lots of fun to be around and even a little shy.  When she’s not training, she builds her own guitars, enjoys music and going to concerts, plays video games, and likes to chill out with good movie.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Emily L.
As a child, David accompanied his mom when she attended yoga classes, which wasn’t by choice, but nonetheless serendipitous. Years later, after sustaining an injury, yoga helped David process and cope with all he experienced physically and mentally. He learned to allow events in his life to teach him what he needed to do - to allow himself the patience to change. David is both a Certified Fitness and Yoga Instructor who brings a force of calm, positive energy to all whom he encounters. His classes mirror his beliefs of living in the now, by combining mental and physical energy, to increase endurance through the practice of yoga. He believes that yoga is a calling to become efficient. David emanates his belief of bringing one’s very best - physically and mentally - to every situation. He finds teaching rewarding, and respects being a part of a change that people seek to create in their lives.
David W.
Amy is one of those hard to find people that consciously seeks opportunities that force her to move outside of her comfort zone (who does that?).  Whether it’s hiking, skiing, climbing, or kayaking, Amy embraces challenges even when the trade-off is discomfort.  She attended a Krav Maga New York seminar in 2014 for that reason.  She enjoyed the challenge that Krav Maga training offered so much that immediately after the seminar she decided to continue.  Over the years, Amy has grown into a powerful practitioner.  Off that mat she’s friendly, casual, refined and very much a lady, but don’t let that fool you.  Spend 5 minutes with her on the mat and you’ll quickly realize that Amy kicks ass.  One of Krav Maga New York’s finest up and coming Instructors, she’s a lover of the outdoors, an inspiration for our youth, and a great communicator who ironically, in spite of seeking discomfort for herself, has the amazing ability to make you instantly comfortable.  Amy also loves to travel and has visited 49 out of our 50 states.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
Amy T.
David’s long-time interest in the martial arts led him to seek out self-defense that was out of the ordinary. In July of 2006, he gave Krav Maga a try, and it’s been a part of his life ever since. After years of training, he approached Davide and shared his aspiration of becoming an instructor. In 2009, David became a certified Krav Maga Training Instructor who believes that the confidence one learns in class infiltrates into the various aspects of his or her life. As an an emergency room nurse at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, NY, David appreciates how the mental attitude he developed in Krav Maga helps him to provide excellent care for his patients. One of his favorite things about being an instructor is watching a student achieve a skill that was once a struggle. By making adjustments to the mind and body, a person can overcome an impasse, and when this happens, David feels humbled to be a part of that student’s journey.
Krav Maga Training Instructors
David M.
When Paul moved to Westchester, he joined Davide’s Fitness, a former gym that was split between weightlifting and Krav Maga. Soon after, Paul’s five-year-old son wanted to take karate, and Paul brought him to a kid’s Krav Maga class hoping his son would take a liking to it. His son did in fact enjoy the art. Moreover, Paul’s face was often practically pressed against the glass partition as he spent more time watching his son do what Paul calls, “really cool stuff” than he did focusing on his own sets of reps. Davide suggested that Paul give Krav Maga a try, and Paul is yet to regret the calling to “ the other side of the glass.” Paul’s entire family attended classes regularly, and his desire to share Krav Maga with others grew exponentially. Paul loves the fighting and physical engagement of Krav Maga and is a Certified Krav Maga Training Instructor. He specializes in teaching children’s classes, and he also coaches youth football in his community. He finds working with children to be extremely rewarding, and this belief is evident his motto: “When a kids get it, it means a great deal to them, which means a great deal to me, too.”
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Paul L.
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