The Art of Self Defense

“The Art of Self-Defense” is being called a “dark horse” for best summer movie. It’s a feel good dark comedy that has the potential to make you feel great.
One reviewer called it “a strong early contender for best film of the year”, and after After 21 reviews on film fan site Rotten Tomatoes, it had a 95% percent approval rating. 
Show biz news Variety describes the movie this wayIn this machismo-critiquing cult comedy, Jesse Eisenberg plays a wimp whose desire to man up compels him to join an off-kilter karate studio.
And yeah, the movie is funny and clever and dark, and it pokes fun at “toxic masculinity.” 
Here’s our Sneak Peak – If you're a student, watch the movie.  Some of the situation characterized are so off the wall outrageous that you will find them hysterical.  
Training in Krav Maga is something like that, but not really like that, and this mix of the real and the outrageously exaggerated will leave you laughing hard. 

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