Here's a Snapshot of what's happening.

Dates & Events:

Monday March 2nd - Westchester Community College Seminar 

Tuesday March 3rd & Wednesday March 4th - BBC classes will run at 8pm.

Friday March 6th - BBC class will run at 6pm.

Saturday March 7th - Red Man attacks at 9:30am (during women's self defense class)

Wednesday March 18th - Advanced White Belt Test at 7pm

Thursday March 19th - Westchester Women's Summit

Saturday March 21st  - Women's Self-Defense Day at Carmel High School

Saturday March 28th - Kids Belt Promotion 

Message Board:

In the past month, we've added 11 new members! You may see new faces around.  Please introduce yourself and help us welcome them!  

We have a Facebook page and separately, a Facebook group.  If you're not a member of our Facebook group, request to join.  Look us up on Facebook under "Krav Maga New York FB Group"

Health Tips:

Make sure to clean your gear after every class.  Headgear, gloves, wraps and shin gear should all be wiped down, inside and out, and properly dried before storing in a closed bag. This will help keep them fresh and germ free!

Verbal Judo Word Of The MonthL.E.A.P.S - Listen, Empathize, Ask, Paraphrase, Summarize. We use L.E.A.P.S to explain the many facets of active listening. Active Listening is a skill with distinct benefits: The more you hear, the more you know. Knowledge is power. If you don’t listen, you’ll never know the problem is coming! L.E.A.P.S helps you tune in to what is going on around you and helps you to process all of the information that you have gathered.



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