Day 1 - My 14-Day Commitment

We can't run classes, and you can't attend classes.  Seems to me we both need something to do.  So we decided to stay positive and stay active.  We created a 14-Day Challenge for our community and our members (both adults and kids), and we're super exited to share it.  

Please review the attached.  The first step is to gain your commitment.  You can do that publicly though Facebook or privately by email to  Either is ok with us.  

In turn, we commit to giving you and the community the materials it needs to stay motivated and stay active.  

We intend to post content everyday that's suitable for our members and - separately - for our Community.  We'll have something posted for everyone.  See attached 14 day Challenge schedule for details.  

If you commit to completing the Challenge, we'll deliver content everyday.  Sound like a deal?

Ok then, accept the Challenge and let's do it.

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