Day 2 - My 14-Day Challenge

Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of our or 14-Day Challenge, your fitness eval.  Print the attached eval, watch this video, follow along, fill out the form and save it. 

Tune in to Facebook every morning on 9 am for a new workout.  Train on your own or with your family, share your results, complete the challenge.  

If don’t want to share your results publicly, or if you have questions, email anytime.

Stay motivated, stay positive, train with your family, stay healthy, stay sharp, and have fun.  

For a killer fill-in workout you can do anytime, anywhere, get familiar with our home training kit. Watch the video, learn the techniques, listen to the soundtracks, and move. 

If you missed Day 1, we got you!  Click here to find your Commitment and your 14-day training schedule. 


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