Day 11 - My 14-Day Challenge

Welcome to Day 11 of our 14-Day Challenge, Basics of Ground.

Click here to watch our video, then follow the workout below.

Here’s Your Workout: 

Warm Up

Stance, movement, knee touches, shoulder touches and the “Engage” command we’ve been working on.  If you’re feeling good, add sprawls (burpees). Work 3 two minute rounds with 1 minute rest in-between rounds.


Your Workout

Back break fall, kick from the ground and get up.  Practice this new “On The Ground” command on your own a few rounds, then put it together with our movement drills and “Engage” command for 2 three minute rounds

Cool Down

Finish off with 2 two minute rounds working stance, slow movement, and slow, precise strike combos.  The slower the better.     

Great Job!!  Don’t forget to post your pic.


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