Amidst Coronavirus Shutdowns, Somers Business Doubles Down

Facing Perhaps Irreparable Economic Hardship, A Local Gym Begins to Offers Fitness and Self-Defense Classes to Non-Members.


SOMERS, NY – Krav Maga New York, located next to the Elephant Hotel in the heart of Somers, recently announce that it will launch free instructional videos, workout soundtracks and live, virtual classes for the Somers community. 


Coronavirus has spread across the globe impacting millions.  The risk is real, and as communities across the country safeguard themselves, the imagery is surreal.  Empty streets, pop-up home offices, cheap gas, interest rate freezes, overworked first responders, price gouging and mandatory shut downs.


On March 7th, NY State issued Executive Order no. 202, declaring a statewide emergency.  With the recent release of Executive Order 202.15, there have been 15 modifications since. Local gyms were modified early on, under order 202.02 and shut down under order 202.3.  Gyms were among the first to feel the economic impact of the virus.


While elected representatives may very well deliver on their promise of no missed paychecks for the working class, for these business owners the past month has been a financial juggle, the future is uncertain and the threat of failure palpable.  When will aid come, and by then will it be too late?  In one fell swoop, local gym owners stand to lose a paycheck, a lifetime investment, and when this is over, a job.


While many fitness centers have transitioned to online classes for members, at least one local gym owner remains committed to the community at large.  Starting Monday April 13th, anyone who wants a great workout and learn valuable self-defense techniques can access free instructional videos, workout with associated soundtracks, and join regularly scheduled virtual workouts - courtesy of Somers based Krav Maga New York.


“One thing is to give to others when you have plenty to give”, said owner Davide Gristina, “but perhaps a better measure of one’s business culture is whether you’re willing to give when you are struggling yourself”.  


When asked whether his business was poised to resume operation when mandates allow it, Davide simply said, “I don’t know.  I stopped worrying about it because I can’t control the timeline.  I guess it depends on when.  But if we’re gonna go out, we’re going out the same way we came in, putting people before money”.  


To download free instructional videos and matching workout soundtracks, visit Krav Maga New York’s YouTube page here.


To attend free beginner level virtual classes on Mondays at 5 pm, click here.


To attend free beginner level virtual classes on Wednesdays at 5 pm, click here.


To attend free beginner level virtual classes on Saturdays at 10:30 am, click here.

For more information contact Krav Maga New York at (877) Krav-Maga or email .  









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