Our Re-Opening Plan

We test Krav Maga students on a scale from 1 to 10. I’ve never given a 10 at any point in time, on any of the tests I’ve run. And it’s really hard for me to give a 9. I can pretty much recall every 9 I’ve ever given. That’s how rare it is. I’m telling you this to put what I’m going to say next into perspective.

I can now say with 90% certainty that we will reopen. I refuse to say it with 100% certainty for the same reason I never give a 10. It’s just not me.

Our re-opening plan is broken up into stages, detailed and changing to meet guidelines and safety standards. I’ll try to break it down here as simply as I can.

Stage I starts this coming Monday, the 18th. All classes will continue to run virtual. We’ve changed some of the virtual class time frames based on the feedback we received. We’ve also added lots of membership options for newcomers. You can find the options here, and if you can help us spread the word, that would be awesome.

Stage II will start, as best as we can tell, sometime late June, early July. During Stage II, classes will run at the gym and will simultaneously stream online. You can decide whether to come to the gym to train with us in person or train with us from a remote location, virtually. Here are a few things to know about this stage:

- The class schedule will be expanded compared to what it is now, but not the same as you remember it. We expect that we will be asked to operate with restrictions.

- Erin will be our Safety and Wellness Coordinator and will appoint a deputy. Together they will develop a team to review, coordinate and implement CDC guidelines and best practices.

- Our training environment will include cameras, sound, lighting, hardware, software, mics and whatever else is necessary to provide a high quality virtual experience for those who join us online.

We hope to implement Stage III, a broader re-opening, as restrictions begin to subside, perhaps in the Fall. More info to come as we get closer and learn more.

Like any small business, our job is to provide a service and build trust within our community, and we’re committed to providing both.

Maybe the word committed is not strong enough, so let me try a gambling phrase everyone can relate to… we are all in.

Please know that we respect your opinion and feedback, so if you have any comments, questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you.

See you in class,

Team Krav Maga New York

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