Keyless Entry Option

Keyless Entry Option


As we continue to monitor NY State’s regional phased re-opening plan, while we’re still several weeks away from being granted the opportunity to open our doors, we would like to begin to offer our members the option to train in a responsible way, one that will balance our need to maintain critical business function, your need to stay active, and the needs of our community.

If we find that our needs, our member’s needs and the needs of our community cannot be balanced efficiently or effectively, we will immediately cease the effort we’re about to embark on and re-evaluate.

For now, we intend to temporarily grant members the option for Keyless Entry. This means that members can enter and use the facility one person at a time.

How it Works

Beginning June 15th, members can reserve 45 min. training blocks online. The first block will be available at 6 am. The last block will be available at 9:00 pm. You can reserve your training block here.

Once your 45 min. spot is reserved, you can enter the facility at your scheduled time using Keyless Entry. We will provide you a code. Only one person / family unit at a time will be able to reserve and enter the facility.


You acknowledge and agree that you cannot enter the facility if you (1) have a fever, (2) have symptoms of a respiratory illness (cough, shortness of breath), (3) have reason to believe that you may have been exposed, (4) are in a high-risk category, or (5) have a family member in a high-risk category.

You agree to reserve your spot online, enter alone or with household family members only, and respect the next member by cleaning up and leaving before your 45 minutes expire.

You agree to bring all of your personal belongings and the equipment you use to a marked area on the mat, to stay in that area while you train and use the supplies provided by KMNY to thoroughly clean everything you come into contact with before putting it back in its spot.

You acknowledge that the facility is remotely monitored and agree to be monitored while you train. Please understand that we will have no choice but to deny you entry of you do not follow these simple rules.

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