Indoor Classes Resume Monday

Yesterday NY State has cleared gyms for re-opening. We will begin holding classes indoors starting Monday August 24th. We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone back on the mats.  Here is some information you may find helpful:

General Info

- The guidelines provided NY State for a safe reopening are very familiar to us.

- Although starting Monday August 24th we have a 2 weeks grace period to call for a Department of Health inspection, we’re ready (we’ve been ready) for our inspection and have initiated a request.

- As far as we can tell, the Department of Health inspection is a one-time inspection intended to ensure initial compliance. There are no mandated, ongoing verification measures.

- As a member of the New York Fitness Coalition (NYFT) we fully intend to subject our facility to ongoing inspections by TrustedSafeTM and its affiliate FitnessSafeTM. These are independent, 3rd party organization that inspect and rate cleanliness and assign facilities letter grades, similar to the food service industry.

- Our participation with TrustedSafeTM is voluntary. Our rating will be posted at the facility and will be available publicly at

- The inspection process is a process, and new to us and our industry. We expect that it will take some time before we are inspected and graded. We don’t know how long, but we do know that we’re game, and we will post our grade as soon as possible.

Next Week and Beyond

- Indoor class participation is limited to 12 people. You will need to reserve your spot using the Zen Planner app. Please do not show up without having reserved a spot.

- Zoom classes will continue to run. In fact, Zoom will continue indefinitely. Instead of looking at the people in our parking lot, you will be looking at people on the mats. There is no other difference.

- Watch this video for facility egress, checking in protocols and flow.

- The upstairs mats are boxed off with tape to allow for physical distance. Please stay within your workout area.

- As much as we’d like to hang out with you, we can’t stay in mingle too much, but we can do it outside.

- Everyone must wear a mask. There’s no way around this rule. But you can take the mask off any time to catch a fresh breath as long as you are facing an open window or door, or just take a step just outside for a minute.


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