6 ways Krav Maga can help set your child up for success 

1. Setting Goals

As students advance in training, they increase in our belt ranking system. This encourages students to work at attaining the next level, which teaches them how to set and achieve a goal. 

2. Improving Focus

Through simple tasks like punching a pad in, or performing a self-defense technique in proper form children learn how to concentrate. This translates to other areas of their lives like completing homework or reading assignments. 

3. Learning Discipline 

Krav Maga incorporates a healthy atmosphere of accountability during class. You could say we are strict… but in a way that makes children proud of their good behavior. 

4. Taking on a Challenge

One of our priorities is helping our students reach their full potential. Students experience non-stop encouragement to step it up and take their training to the next level. 

5. Teaching Respect

In every Krav Maga class we teach the importance of showing respect to their parents, teachers, siblings and peers. 

6. Boosting Self-Confidence 

At a certain point, our students realize how much they have improved. They understand that their new skills can help protect themselves AND others. This is what boosts their confidence and it shows in the way they socialize and interact with others in school and at home. 

Our Krav Maga program will not only benefit your child physically, but will positively impact their mind and emotions. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself! 

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- Team Krav Maga New York

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