My White Belt Story

If you are still reading, Awesome!

So, I finally got the courage to make an appointment.  The day of my trial, I wasn’t sure anymore about my decision. I was nervous. I almost regret making it.

I started driving and I told myself that I just need to get to the next traffic light, and if I want to, I could then turn around and go back home.

When I got to the light, I told myself that I could go one more light.  Then I hopped on the freeway and told myself I could turn back at the next exit.  I played this game until I got there.  

I finally parked. I sat in my car.  I could still go back home, I thought.  But I made it this far so I may as well go in.

I didn’t know who I would meet, what to expect, whether I would like it, or whether I would want to run out of there.

Everything was new and a little strange and I was anxious.  But I have to say, the people there tried hard to make me feel welcome. 

I told myself that day that I would go back over and over until everyone knew my name. 

It’s been a few years now. Now I know the people, I know the routines, and I know what to expect.  

I have friends, I learn, I laugh (mostly at myself), I get a great workout and learn skills that make me feel unique.

My advice to newcomers is this: Don’t turn back. Show up to class.  Be a regular.  Make attendance a habit.  Stick around until everyone knows your name and see what happens next.

If you are interested in trying us out and starting your own white belt journey click the link below!

We’re rooting for you!

- Team Krav Maga New York

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