What is Verbal Judo and how can it stop bullying?

Krav Maga teaches both Self-Defense and Verbal Judo. We place a strong emphasis on values, representation and respect. Children who have a strong sense of respect for themselves are more likely to be confident, less likely to be the victim or perpetrator of bullying, take better care of themselves, and are more willing to try new things without fear of failure or “looking bad.”

What is Verbal Judo and how can it stop bullying?

Believe it or not there is a cycle to Bullying. Like all cycles if there is a breakdown and a section of it it stops working. 

Bullying can affect your mental health at any age. It can lead to loneliness, anxiety and depression in children. - (healthdirect.gov.au/bullying)

Verbal Judo is a system of communication that is used for bully prevention. We teach our students how to use their words as their first line of self -defense.  They use techniques such as word blocks, de-escalation tactics and the 5 universal truths to combat bullying and make it stop. 

In This 90 minute presentation is open to everyone.  We would like to teach you these techniques that you can practice at home to help your child become more confident and to stand up against bullying. 

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