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What does it mean to be Krav Maga safe? Is Krav Maga a safe training practice (because I thought it was for elite commandos?), and how exactly does Krav Maga make you feel safe?

In any one of our classes you can expect to learn and deliver combative strikes like low kicks, elbows and punches (to name a few) and practice escapes from chokes and grabs – escapes that are made possible by way of the same combative strikes that you learned in class. So how is Krav Maga safe for the practitioner?

Like any scrimmage, class is a tussle, a struggle, a vigorous practice session no doubt. It’s this controlled but vigorous mode of training that gets people into great physical shape, and like any scrimmage it’s intended to prepare the participant for the real event. It’s not intended to cause injury. An injured participant, like an injured player, is of no good use to the team.

We’re on in the “Good Guys” team, and the team can’t afford injuries. With this in mind, classes are structured and regulated so that simulations have varying levels of realism, complete with tussle and stress to match YOUR Krav Maga level of experience.

Yes there are bumps and bruises, like any scrimmage, but compared to the serious nature of what we do, these are nominal. Most of the people who can’t participate in class because of an injury have injured themselves somewhere else, doing some other activity, which leads me to the next safety point.

We don’t expect to get injured playing softball, or two hand touch football, or while running in a race. Our guard is down during these activities, which is why most of the injuries we experience come from activities like these. In a Krav Maga class, everyone knows what we’re scrimmaging for, and our awareness level is elevated.

Coupled with quality instructors who have been around the block for decades (literally), our classes are well structured and invite comradery and motivation. And our members are just like you, everyday people from all walks of life. Our goal is to train you, not injure you. The longer you train, the more proficient you’ll be. We’ll save the high level drills you see on YouTube for when you’re ready.

Krav Maga Safe | The Fear Less Mindset We began wearing t-shirts with the words “Fear Less” imprinted on them as early as 2010. We didn’t imprint the word “Fearless” on our shirts. Fearless means lacking fear. I know a few people that you would want with you when there’s a bang, and all of them feel fear. A lack of fear is unnatural. As the pros point out, fear keeps us safe. Fear is a gift.

To Fear Less means that Krav Maga practitioners have a greater ability to assess threat. Yes, Krav Maga training is like a threat assessment management tool. You can eyeball a situation and in a relative blink determine whether it’s a threat you can manage and what action is most appropriate.

Sadly, most of the population lacks threat assessment management skills. When risk can’t be assessed, when it’s unknown and unpredictable, panic follows. If you have no plan for “what if…” moments, it becomes hard to rest easy.

We plan our vacations, we plan our work load, we plan our purchases, we plan for retirement. When we don’t plan, we feel insecure, uneasy and at a loss. Safety also requires planning. Krav Maga is that plan. When you have Krav Maga in your back pocket, the uncertainty of violence (what it will look like, feel like, be like and how to respond) is alleviated – and you fear less.

In many Krav Maga studios nationwide there’s writing on the wall that reads “… So that one may walk in peace.” Others use the slogan “If you want peace, prepare for war”, or the Latin version “Si vis pacem, para bellum”. We instead imprint Fear Less on our shirts. It’s all good, it all means the same thing, at least to me it does.

Interpersonal violence is perhaps the most repulsive form of violence that there is. It’s been with us since the beginning of time, and it’s going to be with us for a while longer. Trying to understand it doesn’t make you less human.

Self defense training is not a vulgar exercise, it’s a practice in human nature. Train Krav Maga, learn how to better assess and manage violence, you’ll feel a sense of self reliance because of it, and you’ll fear less.

Last thing I’d like to say: Krav Maga is an emergency tool. Emergency tools are safely stored and out of sight. They are not for use in everyday life. So do yourself a favor, isolate what you learn from us from the rest of your life. Store Krav Maga in a brain bucket and write ‘Warning: Emergency Use Only”. Fear less knowing that Krav Maga is there for you, and pray that you never have to reach into that bucket.

Stay Safe,

Team Krav Maga New York

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