There are many workouts for women. In my community alone there are dozens. But Krav Maga classes for women are rare, and if you happen to find one, more often that not it’s taught by a man.

Male instructors who lack experience think that “self defense is self defense” and default to teaching women as if they were teaching men. But Krav Maga for women doesn’t work the same way as Krav Maga for men.

When a man is asked to kick, the instructor may have to field a question like “how hard do you want me to kick?” and “can I go now?”. When a woman is asked to kick, as an instructor you should put that request into context – and no, the context should not be “let’s say you’re in bar …”.

Context aside, be ready to explain how S.A.F.E.R. lines work and how to establish them. Be ready to explain why the kick you’re asking for is necessary, why kicking half heartedly is a tactical blunder, what the follow up action ought to be and why this course is less likely – and not more likely, contrary to common belief – to cause that female student prolonged risk.

All men I’ve met want to learn how to defend themselves for good reasons, but if those reasons increase machismo, there’s no complaining – in fact, more machismo is welcomed, and too much is probably not enough.

Women also want to learn self defense, but we leave out the machismo part. Women wonder whether they’ll ever stand a chance against a man twice their size. They don’t wonder whether they’ll be able to knock someone cold.

A woman needs to believe in the defensive options you’re presenting, so what you present better be irrespective of size and strength.

If you teach Krav Maga classes to women and can’t convincingly answer whether a woman can defend agaist a man twice her size, and how (and that how is often best explained to women intellectually, not just physically, so stop talking eye gouges), then we encourage you to re-evaluate your approach. You may be contributing to the sad phenomenon of women not participating in defensive training. I say “sad” because women have the potential to be far better self defense practitioners than men.

If you’re interested in learning more about Krav Maga classes for women, hit us up. Taught by a female Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor, one of only a few nationwide, Krav Maga New York runs women only self defense classes every Thursdays at 9:30 am and Saturday at 9:00 am.

Yes, you can expect a great workout, but you can get a great workout anywhere. We offer knowledge, the kind that will challenge what women have been lead to believe and answer whether or not you stand a chance against a male attacker.

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