Admittedly, a beauty pageant is arguably the last place you’d expect to find information about kids anti bullying classes, so what’s the connection? Great question. You can find the answer below, or you can click here to watch the video.

An anti bullying campaign in Westchester got a makeover thanks to Miss Westchester and Miss Hudson Valley Pageants, an organization dedicated to excellence, achievement and the personal growth of young women. Christina DeLeon, the Pageants’ talk show host, met with celebrity guest Sabrina Mastrangelo (Miss New York Teen 2012), and Krav Maga New York to discuss anti kids anti bullying classes, seminars and presentations..

Bullying is a stunning, nationwide epidemic that has reached “must stop” proportions. It’s manifested through verbal attacks, physical attacks, the destruction of one’s property, name calling, and more recently, online abuse, a.k.a. cyber-bullying. Statistics indicate that bullying is one of the strongest motivators for school violence and that bullycide is a leading cause of death among children under 14.

Krav Maga New York affiliate was invited on the show to because has run and continues to run kids anti bullying classes and training. Krav Maga New York teaches Verbal Self Defense, a program that helps teach area parents, kids and school officials how to best re-direct verbal abuse, how to promote positive verbal exchanges, and how to de-escalate conflict. It’s a powerful program because it gives and demands both respect and dignity, and because it empowers our youth with words.

As parents, kids, and school administrators across the US continue to struggle with the bullying phenomenon, and while it’s clear that much more remains to be done, bully awareness and the demonizing of bullying nationwide has reached an all time high – evidenced by Westchester’s very own Pageant talk show, its host, celebrity guest and bully expert, reminding us that “who we are on the inside, shines on the outside”. Just one more example representative of a nation, aware and coming together from the bottom up. Anti bullying campaign in Westchester, and beyond, are promoting a “Smart. Beautiful. You!”, and making a difference. Finally, hope!

Krav Maga New York is an expert in tactical self-defense training and use of force. Coupled with Verbal Self Defense, we teach our youth a complete system of self-defense, incorporating the verbal, physical and ethical – the how and the when. For more information, contact us.

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