If you’re searching for a martial arts intro lesson, what not try Krav Maga. When it comes to realistic defensive training and fitness, Krav Maga, the Israeli system of self defense, delivers.

Originally developed for Israeli Defense Forces, it is ranked among the top martial arts in the world. Few training methods develop high level practitioners in a comparatively short period of time.

Aside from effective, easy to learn, easy to replicate defenses against real word attacks, training builds fitness, confidence and command presence. So if you want to get empowered, get in shape and learn an elite life saving skill in the process, this is the training system for you.

Yet unlike traditional martial arts, Krav Maga is more martial that artistic. It can be learned quickly by anyone regardless of age, gender, or ability – and without traditional rituals.

Favored by American Law Enforcement and elite forces worldwide, training is also available to civilians. Intro classes are offered every week. If you’re interested in a Trial Class, contact us.

Class Reviews “I wanted to do more than just exercise my body; Krav Maga allowed me to use my mind. I wanted something aggressive in nature that instilled a level of respect for each person. Krav Maga also lets me to feel the confidence I need to protect my family.” Matt N. (46), Peekskill

“This is a place I get my aggressions out and feel my strength.”
 Alexia I. (22), Yorktown

“I came here to lose weight, but I’ve gotten so much more.”
 Patricia W. (48), Somers

“Krav Maga strengthens my body and my mind. Izzy A. (14), South Salem

“The primary reason why I train is because it gives me sound mind, body and soul. it gives me balance in my life because it allows for “me” time while getting fit and learning what i feel is the best form of martial arts.” Nick P. (56), Katonah

“I started 3 1/2 years ago at age 59 to get in shape while learning something useful. 500+ classes later I do it because of Trish Erin Davide Gil Marc Amanda and all the other special people who train with me and have helped me over the years. Thank you.” Andrew W. (62), Katonah

“I train to stay fit. Krav Maga not only boosts my aerobic conditioning but it also provides me with tools to protect myself.” Audrey C. (54), Carmel

“I train to challenge myself and to establish a sense of control. Control over my own body, and even the body of someone who may try to harm me. The amazing instructors are a bonus.” Sydney T. (26), Somers

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