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  • What is Verbal Judo and how can it stop bullying?

    What is Verbal Judo and how can it stop bullying?

    Krav Maga teaches both Self-Defense and Verbal Judo. We place a strong emphasis on values, representation and respect. Children who have a strong sense of respect for themselves are more likely to be confident, less likely to be the victim or perpetrator of bullying, take better care of themselves, and are more willing to try new things without fear of failure or “looking bad.” What is Verbal Judo and how can it stop bullying? Believe it or not there is a cycle to Bullying. Like all cycles if there is a breakdown and a section of it it stops working. Bullying can affect your mental health at any age. It can lead to loneliness , anxiety and depression ....

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  • My White Belt Story

    My White Belt Story

    If you are still reading, Awesome! So, I finally got the courage to make an appointment. The day of my trial, I wasn’t sure anymore about my decision. I was nervous. I almost regret making it. I started driving and I told myself that I just need to get to the next traffic light, and if I want to, I could then turn around and go back home. When I got to the light, I told myself that I could go one more light. Then I hopped on the freeway and told myself I could turn back at the next exit. I played this game until I got there. I finally parked. I sat in my car. I could still go back home, I thought. But I made it this far so I may as well go in. I didn’t know ....

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  • 6 Ways Krav Maga can set your child up for success

    6 ways Krav Maga can help set your child up for success 1. Setting Goals As students advance in training, they increase in our belt ranking system. This encourages students to work at attaining the next level, which teaches them how to set and achieve a goal. 2. Improving Focus Through simple tasks like punching a pad in, or performing a self-defense technique in proper form children learn how to concentrate. This translates to other areas of their lives like completing homework or reading assignments. 3. Learning Discipline Krav Maga incorporates a healthy atmosphere of accountability during class. You could say we are strict… but in a way that ....

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  • The Bully Cycle And How To Make It  Stop!

    The Bully Cycle And How To Make It Stop!

    For adults who want to learn more about Verbal Judo principles and how you help us combat bullying, join us for our FREE 90-minute community event on October 16th at 12pm. Until we meet, know that bullying is a cycle. Here is some info on how the cycle works. The Bully Cycle The Bully Cycle was developed by Dan Olweus, a psychologist from Norway. Each participant listed below plays an instrumental role in the cycle and has the ability to help make the Cycle stop. • The bully • The target • The crowd • The person(s) of authority • The Coaches In order for bullying to occur and the cycle to begin, there has to be ....

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  • About Mrs. Whittle

    About Mrs. Whittle

    If you're looking for educational, good old fashion, down to earth children's content, check out this video , subscribe to this channel and stay tuned. Full length episodes start soon. Follow Mrs. Whittle, she knows Krav Maga. ....

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  • Ongoing Hygiene Inspections

    Ongoing Hygiene Inspections

    On March 16, 2020, all gyms were closed under New York State Executive order 202.3. To reopen, Krav Maga New York had do demonstrate compliance with CDC and Department of Health guidelines. Prior to our scheduled re-opening we added cleaning protocols, established traffic flows, attendance limits, check in procedures, social distancing guidelines and a mask mandate. We automated our HVAC system, identified fresh air needs, purchased recommended air filters, set ventilation schedules, and invested in commercial grade ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology. Recognizing that the Department of Health would likely inspect our facility only once, upon re-opening we looked for ....

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  • Trusted Safe

    Trusted Safe

    We recently volunteered to have KMNY hygiene tested by the New York Fitness Coalition and FitnessSafe. The test certifies whether KMNY has meet / exceeded all the requirements found in the New York Sate Department of Health interim guidance for gyms during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. This is to notify our members that KMNY scored an A on its first test and that we've committed KMNY to being tested monthly. The grade will be displayed shortly at KMNY along with the QR code. You can scan the QR code anytime for inspection confirmation. Great Job everyone, Team Krav Maga New York ....

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  • Upcoming Changes to KMNY

    Upcoming Changes to KMNY

    We’re making substantial changes that will impact Zen Planner (our student portal), credit card processing and memberships. These changes are in improvement, but admittedly, also a bit of a hassle. You will be effected. You should know what they are. I know your time is valuable so I’ll try to keep it short but there’s a lot, so if now is not a good time, please read this notice carefully later. First, if I haven’t called you yet to personally thank you for sticking with us, I will. Your support has been awesome, but I won’t kid you, it’s not like everything is fine now that KMNY is open. COVID has had a devastating impact and in all honesty, the ....

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  • Indoor Classes Resume Monday

    Indoor Classes Resume Monday

    Yesterday NY State has cleared gyms for re-opening. We will begin holding classes indoors starting Monday August 24th. We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone back on the mats. Here is some information you may find helpful: General Info - The guidelines provided NY State for a safe reopening are very familiar to us. - Although starting Monday August 24th we have a 2 weeks grace period to call for a Department of Health inspection, we’re ready (we’ve been ready) for our inspection and have initiated a request. - As far as we can tell, the Department of Health inspection is a one-time inspection intended to ensure initial compliance. There are no mandated, ....

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  • Exercise and The COVID Pandemic

    Exercise and The COVID Pandemic

    Exercise and The COVID Pandemic
    The human immune system is a highly intricate network of cells and molecules designed to keep the host free from infection and disease. Exercise is known to have a profound impact on the function of the immune system. Moreover, there is ample, clear evidence that exercise reduces depressive symptoms in everyone, including number and severity of episodes, as well as acute and chronic symptoms of anxiety. The Virus in Your Lungs
    When the immune system detects the virus invader in your lungs, it attacks. The conflict between the virus and immune cells creates inflammation. That inflammation causes damage to lung tissue that interferes with breathing ....

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