Krav Maga Training Trial Class

Krav Maga Training Trial Class

Whether you’re interested in a Krav Maga training trial class, fitness training trial, or want to try kids Krav Maga classes, family classes, women only or other specialty classes, it’s easy to get started and to find out if our proven methods are right for you.

Scroll through our class calendar below, select a Krav Maga training trial class you’d like to try, click it, follow the online registration instructions and complete your trial class purchase (it’s only $19.99).

On the day of your class, download driving directions, come a few minutes early and participate.  We’ll meet with you after class, answer your questions and talk to you about our various membership options.

Our membership options are suitable for adults, children, families (parents or grandparents who want to train with their children or grandchildren), and suitable for participants interested in fitness only and/or women only self-defense. We offer discount family plans and all of our memberships options come with a guaranteed 30-day cancellation policy.

To Register For A Trial Class:

  1. Scroll through the class calendar below.  It’s defaulted to the current week, but you can use the navigation buttons (top left) to change weeks.
  2. Look for classes color coded white, green, blue, pink or purple.  These are all suitable for beginners.  Find a day, a time, and class that’s right for you.
  3. Click on the class to select it and follow the online registration instructions.

If you have questions about our trial classes, chances are you’ll find the answers you’re looking for by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If don’t find the answer, please feel free to contact us.

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