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Krav Maga Based Martial Arts Classes For Kids

Krav Maga based Martial Arts classes introduce kids to the importance of fitness and self defense at just the right pace, so they have fun and feel empowered at the same time. Our age appropriate kids Krav Maga program offers a high-quality form of fitness and practical self defense skills that, coupled with Verbal Self Defense, will keep your children safe and confident.

Verbal Self Defense

Unlike perhaps other traditional Martial Arts classes, our Krav Maga program also teaches kids Verbal Self Defense, techniques that are unique to our Kids Krav Maga program and that emphasize de-escalation – how to calm things down. Verbal Self Defense disarms the aggressor through a different kind of power: strength of words backed by character and attitude, and as a last resort, a martial skillset. Verbal Self Defense is a proven form of Bully Prevention that encourages precise communication techniques to gain voluntary compliance, rather than brute force.


How To Choose The Right Kids Class

All of our kids Krav Maga classes follow a fun and simple routine:  warm-up , class lesson and drills.  Classes offer kids fitness as well as self defense training and Verbal skills.  Age appropriate classes run everyday except Fridays, allowing parents a wider variety of options to best fit demanding schedules.

Breakdown of Martial Arts Classes For Kids

Little Ninja Students (ages 4-6)

Here kids learn gross motor skills, including balance and coordination. Krav Maga New York instructors explain everything in very simple, easy-to-understand language. Children learn the same principles of character that are taught to elite Black Belts. Through engaging stories, they will come to appreciate the virtues of Modesty, Courtesy, Leadership, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Little Warrior Students (ages 7-10)

Here kids learn refined Krav Maga techniques through advanced skills that are simply demonstrated and practiced. Fitness is also emphasized.  Adult-level techniques are introduced through age-appropriate explanations, including our highly effective verbal self-defense system.

Young Paladin Students (ages 11 and up)

Young Paladins learn to develop advanced Krav Maga techniques not taught in the younger classes. The intensified curriculum teaches students how to be prepared for threatening situations that may occur without warning. Students are taught to defend themselves in an appropriate manner when faced with a variety of situations. Positive images and expectations are part of the training, including verbal self-defense, to emphasize the importance of character development.

Kids Krav Maga Class Reviews

“Davide Gristina, Westchester’s Bully Expert, provided pro-bono training for our foster parents in his unique approach to bully prevention: Verbal Self-Defense. Davide is a dynamic and engrossing presenter [who] was extremely well-received by attendees. He also presents to local school districts and crisis responders. This is a valuable resource for both parents and professionals.”

“Hannah loved the Krav Maga session last night.  She came home so enthusiastic and wanting to show us all her new moves.”

“You are great at what you do, and have made such an impact on Aidan’s life. Writing the review made me realize how grateful I am for you and your program. Thank you so very much.”

“Ryan and I were horsing around, and I put a light headlock on him.  I told him to use his Krav Maga moves to get out.  Ryan did so very impressively!  We then ran through some other scenarios (choke behind with/without a push and a couple of others), and I thought he was excellent!  Thank you to all of the instructors who have been working with Ryan.  It’s great to see that he can apply what he’s learned!”

“My son and I had a wonderful time. Amazing Instructors and we loved the whole atmosphere at your gym. Everybody is so friendly and helpful, but very motivated and dedicated at the same time.”

“Davide [Gristina] was excellent. It was awesome!!”


Krav Maga New York has the Best Bully Prevention Program in Westchester and Putnam Counties

Led by Black Belt Davide Gristina, Krav Maga New York's programs are age-appropriate and the superior instructors are Best-of-Class in Hudson Valley Kid's self-defense .

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