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Real World Self Defense for Adults

Krav Maga classes offer real world self defense for adults.  The added benefit is fitness.  You get in great physical shape while learning a simple, yet realistic system of self defense.  One of the most sought after methods for self-defense, Krav Maga classes teach practitioners how best to neutralize attacks and escape unharmed. Characterized by simple, instinctive responses against realistic attacks, Krav Maga can be learned by anyone irrespective of gender, strength or ability.

Krav Maga Classes For Self Reliance

Krav Maga classes provide answers for the intimidating and otherwise unknown nature of interpersonal violence.  Though students are reminded to avoid confrontations whenever possible, training promotes self reliance – the notion of finishing a self defense encounter as quickly as possible because no one may be there to help you.  Self defense classes for adults provide a continuous learning experience, a place to gain knowledge of self defense techniques that can tremendously aid a person when a situation is threatening or dangerous. Krav Maga classes help students to fear less and avoid panic.

Train at Your Level

Krav Maga classes are separated into levels.  Participants begin in the Fundamentals and Beginner levels and progress from there into Intermediate and Advanced levels. Program participants can attend any level-appropriate Krav Maga class plus any Fitness classes on our schedule. These classes run 7 days a week, morning and evenings, and more than once a day.  Participation is unlimited, and you can start classes anytime. Krav Maga New York teaches elite self defense and fitness to ordinary, everyday people.

Krav Maga Women Self Defense Classes For Women Only


Fitness and Self Defense For Everyday People

Krav Maga Classes Self Defense for Adults

No Prior Experience Necessary

We love beginners.  If you have little or no experience with Krav Maga or other self defense classes for adults, you’ve come to the right place.  Start with a trial class and work your way through Fundamentals and Beginner level.  This journey will take you 6-months or less.  Others will notice a change in you within your first few weeks.

Get In Great Shape, Go Home Safe

Self defense classes for adults are a great alternative to other forms of training because they offer unparalleled fitness along with life saving skills. Krav Maga classes build strength and endurance while teaching practitioners real world self defense techniques.  Plus we offer fitness workouts everyday of the week. 

Learn Defense Basics Quickly

Students learn correct fighting stance as well as movement within a fighting stance. Basic hand and foot strikes such as the palm heel, the punch, the basic elbow, the kick and the knee strike are introduced. Classes will also teach you basic defenses against common attacks such as the choke and the headlock. Instructors guide students through repeated practice of these basic techniques in order to prepare for enhanced training.

Fundamentals and Beginner Level Class Reviews

“This is a place I get my aggressions out and feel my strength.”

“I came here to lose weight, but I’ve gotten so much more.”

“Krav Maga strengthens my body and my mind.”

“I started 3 1/2 years ago at age 59 to get in shape while learning something useful. 500+ classes later I do it because of Trish Erin Davide Gil Marc Amanda and all the other special people who train with me and have helped me over the years. Thank you.”

“The primary reason why I train is because it gives me sound mind, body and soul. it gives me balance in my life because it allows for “me”  time while getting fit and learning what I feel is the best form of martial arts.”

“Hi Luna, I Just got back from my first class. I was so impressed with the class. Davide’s teaching style is excellent, the people made me feel so welcome and I am completely surprised at how much I learned in one lesson. I am looking forward to a long journey with Krav Maga. Maybe you could pass this along to Davide.”

“These three guys are excellent Instructors and the workout is great! They teach techniques that work and are easy to pick up. I am very impressed with the Krav Maga system and look forward to training with you guys.”

“I wanted to do more than just exercise my body; Krav Maga allowed me to use my mind. I wanted something aggressive in nature that instilled a level of respect for each person. Krav Maga also lets me to feel the confidence I need to protect my family.” 

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