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Family Self Defense Classes

Family self defense classes offer parents the unique opportunity to work out with their children. Our Krav Maga Families program promotes a fun, structured and supportive environment that’s appropriately paced for our youngest Krav Maga students to experience fitness, learn techniques, acquire confidence, and build self-esteem – with Mom and/or Dad or both participating and coaching alongside.

Family self defense classes offer a great alternative to individual activities and let you, the parent, become the coach.

Krav Maga Families Stick Together

Our Krav Maga Families class typically begins with a warm up, followed by drills and practice to improve form, voice and technique. The instructors simultaneously scaffold basic concepts such as awareness along with realistic situations. Sporadic laughter and water breaks, as well as hugs and high fives, are a part of this positive atmosphere.  A Verbal Self Defense lesson always concludes class.

Family self defense classes foster unity.  Krav Maga Families that kick together, stick together.  Classes are offered every Sunday at 10:30 am.

Krav Maga Family Self Defense Classes


We Help Our Youth Develop Character

Krav Maga Family Self Defense Classes

Verbal Self defense is a principle based system of communication that aims to achieve an amicable resolution through voluntary compliance, without the use of force.

Though the system teaches conflict resolution strategies aimed at de-escalation, Verbal Self Defense first and foremost builds character. It helps our youth internalize Why certain behavior is unacceptable, When action becomes a moral obligation rather than a moral preference, and How to respond verbally while maintaining dignity in the process.

By emphasizing dignity, respect, pride, unity, values, community, ethics, proper representation, security, safety, language, assertiveness, verbal redirection, conflict resolution, and S.A.F.E.R. lines, this system – especially when coupled with Krav Maga based defensive training – helps our youth understand Why, When, and How to intervene, and when words fail.

Krav Maga Family Class Reviews

“It’s a great socialization opportunity for kids. My son enjoys the inclusive and encouraging atmosphere.”

“I love being able to use my voice to scare bad people away.”

“It’s been great! After 4 or 5 classes, my son joined in, and now he loves it. It’s something special we can do together.”

“I like to hit the bags and run and use my voice.” 

“You’re not going to find a better place to work with kids. It gives us strength and confidence.”  

“I love taking class with Ms. Trish, and me and my dad go out to lunch after.”

“On Sunday Ryan & I were playing catch with a football.  I don’t how it got started, but we began horsing around & I put a light headlock on him.  I them told him to use his KM moves to get out.  Ryan did so very impressively!  We then ran through some other scenarios (choke behind with/without a push and a couple of others), and I thought he was excellent!”

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