Krav Maga Fitness Training Workouts

Krav Maga Fitness Training Workouts

Favored among elite forces and Hollywood stars alike, Krav Maga fitness training workouts are truly awesome.  Adult men and women of all ages are invited to experience Krav Maga fitness training workouts in a challenging yet spirited, fun and supportive environment.

Using all of the latest gear and equipment, Krav Maga fitness training workouts (aka, StrikeFit) incorporate boxing, kickboxing, heavy bag work, kettlebells, olympic style training, and rope jumping, heart healthy cardio fitness and yoga.

It’s hard work, but the instructors are talented and caring, your class mates are super supportive and the rewards, both physical and emotional, are endless.

Participants are encouraged to attend class as often as possible, and there are multiple classes to choose from to accommodate your schedule.

Krav Maga fitness training workouts offer unlimited participation, and you can start classes anytime.  Though we will push you, these are go at your own pace workouts.

Class Reviews

“It was such a positive atmosphere in class last night.  People felt so good and the Instructors were great.  So many people were expressing that yesterday.  You should know that you have done a great job and your students are very happy.”

“I feel fortunate to be training with you and would like to extend my heartfelt thanks again – for being the best out there and for having the best of intentions so your students can advance”

“The fact that you’re willing to reach out me shows a dedication to your students on a whole, and not just in Krav Maga class. Being a teacher myself,  I find that comforting and that is one of the many reasons I enjoy studying Krav Maga at Krav Maga New York.”

“Thank you for everything that you do!”

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciation your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. My best to all of you”

“I’m honored to be a part of KMNY.”

“You and the whole group are so nice and wonderful folks. We are so happy we found such a great team to work-out with.”

“The extra time you took isn’t un-noticed or un-appreciated.  Again, thank you very much. I love and appreciate KMNY and your leadership.”