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Krav Maga Personal Training | Other Specialty Training Classes

Krav Maga personal training options and presentations are available for interested participants.  Other specialty training classes are also available to members.  Contact us for Krav Maga personal training availability.  For other specialty training classes, see our schedule, these run weekly.

Specialty Training Classes

Specialty training classes available to members include Krav Maga Segments, Fighting Techniques and fundamental level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class (BJJ).

Our Segment class picks a “segment” from the Krav Maga curriculum and for one month teaches that segment to students.  The segments rotate monthly.  Curriculum segments covered are announced at the beginning of the month through our newsletter and include parts of the curriculum like ground defenses, handgun defenses, chokes and grabs, defense vs. stick attacks, etc.  These specialty training classes present the student, even a Beginner level student, an opportunity to train in parts of the curriculum interesting to that student.

We consider our Fighting Techniques class another specialty training class.  This class teaches sparring and fighting, but classes are not a brawl.  We offer lessons.  Classes are enjoyable, but yes, there is contact.  Sparring gear is required.  It’s one of our longest running classes, and people who attend it rave about it.

Our BJJ class is a new addition.  For now, this class is limited to teaching the fundamentals.  Like our Fighting Techniques class, people who attend this class consistently attend and rave about the class.

Each of these specialty training classes is taught by Black Belt level instructors.

Krav Maga Personal Training

We offer Krav Maga personal training, whether for individuals or small groups, regularly.  Personal training is best suited for individuals or groups with specific needs.  We do not recommend personal training for everyone.  Our regularly scheduled classes will train you in Krav Maga.

Even those who regularly train one on one with us are encouraged to also participate in group classes, simply because the dynamic of other people in class adds diversity to the raining.

If you’re interested in Krav Maga personal or small group training, contact us.


We have offered and continue to offer Krav Maga based self defense seminars, camps and presentations tailored to select audiences. These include Self Defense For Women Only, Verbal Self Defense for Parents, Teachers and Administrators, Custom Police Training Segments and Intros to Krav Maga Training.

From Police Weapon Retention Training, to Police Weapon Takeaway Training, to our Snatch Proof seminar hosted way back in 2006 – and by way of countless presentations at Public Libraries, Temples, High Schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, Law Enforcement Conferences, public, charity, and many other events – we have contributed much to our community on the subject of personal safety.

If you’re interested in hosting a seminar or presentation for your group, contact us.