Krav Maga Based Self Defense Classes for Women Only

Self Defense Classes For Women Only

Our Krav Maga Women only program delivers martial arts-quality fitness and easy-to-learn self defense techniques especially designed for people like you. We run self defense classes for women only weekly.

In our classes, women have the opportunity to become as good at self defense techniques as men, if not better.

Our self defense classes for women only are taught by one of the only few female Black Belt Instructors in the United States.  Women learn more than physical skills, they learn about boundaries, aggression, danger, the importance of awareness and avoidance, and how to out-think a potential aggressor.  Classes are appropriate for women regardless of strength, size or ability. Learn from a woman how to take down a man in self defense.

Learn Self Defense While Getting Fit

Favored among elite forces and Hollywood stars alike, Krav Maga style fitness workouts are truly awesome. These go at your own pace fitness workouts are challenging yet spirited and fun, and take place in a super supportive environment.

Using all of the latest gear and equipment, Krav Maga women learn boxing, kickboxing, how to hit heavy bags, kettlebell workouts, ground defenses, and olympic style training.  Classes offer overall heart healthy cardio fitness, a martial skillset, and yoga.


Self Defense Classes for Women Run Weekly

Krav Maga Womens Fitness and Self Defense

We offer women only self defense classes and martial arts style fitness workouts weekly.

Our Krav Maga Women only program increases overall awareness, greatly improves strength, fitness and confidence, and helps participants understand both basic and advanced self defense principles and techniques.   

Our expert female instructors will inspire you and teach you the moves that make Krav Maga unlike any other form of self defense.

Plus, you gain the added benefit of our two-in-one program: specialized Martial Arts style fitness classes combined with instruction in women only Self-Defense. 

Our women only classes are fun, challenging, and empowering!

Krav Maga Women Only Class Reviews

“The women’s self defense classes are amazing. Not only do I feel like I can defend myself but u leave there feeling more confident. Erin is amazing and so understanding!”

“Took a Womens Self Defense course on Saturday with Erin and really enjoyed it. Great class, important training – definitely recommend.”

“Whether you are here to get in shape, to learn self-defense skills, to improve on what you already know, or all of the above, this is a very special place. The instructors are both highly skilled and motivating, plus just really nice people, The students are a great mix from complete beginners to the very experienced. Everyone encourages each other. I’m inspired by the hard work of everyone here, it keeps me coming back and doing my best. Plus the new space is beautiful. Try it, you’ll like it!”

“Krav Maga has changed the way I walk, such as to my car in a parking lot. The first step in self-defense is being aware of your surroundings, then comes the rest, which is taught well. Lifting weights in the gym is great for strength, but in Krav we learn what to do with that strength.”

“I’ve never been a fan of gym’s. But this place is true to its word! I struggle at every class and every instructor is supportive and helps you modify any exercise to help you along! The people working along side you are extremely supportive too! This is a great place to feel comfortable while getting a challenging work out!”

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