Krav Maga Women Self Defense Classes For Women Only

Krav Maga Women | Self Defense Classes For Women Only

Our Krav Maga Women only program features realistic and ongoing self defense classes for women.  This is not a one time intro lesson aimed at gaining your participation into a general (co-ed) class setting.  Self defense classes for women run regularly, twice a week.

There are dozens of workouts geared toward women, but there’s far less availability when it comes to self defense classes for women.  And self defense classes for women that are taught by a female instructor are rarer still.

Women want to learn self defense and have the potential to be far better self defense practitioners than men, but they can certainly do without machismo part.  Women wonder whether they’ll stand a chance against a man twice their size.  Women have very little use for posturing.

Our Krav Maga Women only program helps everyday people understand how to defend themselves.  The how is not just physical, it’s intellectual as well.  It is knowing what works best and what doesn’t.  It’s irrespective of size and strength – and it’s presented by another woman.

Self defense classes for women become much more realistic, empowering and motivating when taught by a woman.  Our Krav Maga Women only program is such a program.  Taught by one of only a few Krav Maga female Black Belts, Erin is more than just an awesome Krav Maga New York representative, Instructor, and practitioner, she’s also also an inspiration for countless women who walk through our door.

Class Reviews

“I train because I want to get back into shape and empower myself as a women to stay safe.  I also love the comradery amongst the students and the trainers are awesome!” 

“The camaraderie of working together as a group is so motivating. You feel like at any given moment when you feel like you can’t do anymore you hear a random voice in the background saying “you got this”. I love that!” 

“I train to challenge myself and to establish a sense of control. Control over my own body, and even the body of someone who may try to harm me. The amazing instructors are a bonus.” 

“I want to thank you for what I have gained so far. Even though I have only attended 2 classes plus the intro I have gained so much self-confidence.  While in Europe last week I carried myself differently knowing i had the basis skills to get out of a bad situation.” 

“I know I said it a thousand times, but I just want to say thank you again! Krav Maga has become such a huge part of my life. I am so grateful for all the help, belief and encouragement you have had in me.  I wouldn’t of been able to get where I am today without your help.”