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Self Defense Classes for Teens

At our training center, self defense classes for teens run separate from our younger kids classes.  Our Teen Krav Maga program is not children’s program with teens in it or an adult program with teens in it. Teen Krav Maga is exactly what it sounds like – self defense classes for teens ONLY.

Officially termed Young Paladins, participants range in age from pre-teen to teen.  Our teen self defense classes are dynamic and inspiring.  Classes follow a routine consisting of warm up, lesson, and drills, and every class ends with a Verbal Self Defense lesson. 

Verbal Self Defense is a system of communication used for bully prevention. It teaches our teens proven conflict resolution strategies, like how to use word deflectors, how to establish S.A.F.E.R. lines, and how to uphold one’s dignity while actively engaged in verbal de-escalation.

Teen Krav Maga

Teen Krav Maga, when coupled with Verbal Self Defense, helps our youth internalize why certain behavior is unacceptable, when action becomes a moral obligation rather than a moral preference, and how to respond effectively while maintaining dignity in the process.

Although the system teaches conflict resolution strategies that aim to de-escalate aggressive exchanges, Verbal Self Defense first and foremost builds character. 


Verbal Self Defense Build Character

Krav Maga New York Self Defense Classes for Teens Customer Reviews

Watching a Teen Krav Maga class is truly awesome. The curriculum is intensified as teens come to understand the reality of what can happen in a challenging world where some people may intend to do harm. They get in awesome physical shape , they learn patience and restraint through our character development program, and learn to defend themselves.

Verbal Self defense is a principle based system and like any system, the various components (principles) work together to achieve the desired outcome – an amicable resolution, or at least more favorable one, obtained through voluntary compliance, without the use of force.  Below you’ll find a listing of the basic principles discusses in our kids Krav Maga classes.

The Bully Cycle
Anger Guards
Re-Directing Abusive Language
The 5 Steps to Persuasion
The Tactical Meet and Greet
S.A.F.E.R. Lines
Ethical Intervention

Teen Krav Maga Class Reviews

“My oldest daughter, Alexi, has been involved with martial arts for many years. Over the past year she has become involved in Krav Maga in Somers on Rt 100. Krav Maga is a form of self defense that is taught to state police, and other law enforcement official (FBI, CIA etc..). They teach you how to defend yourself in almost any situation (hand to hand, knives, guns, tasers). It has been wonderful for her self esteem, her martial arts skills and her conditioning. I have been sending patients (14ys and older) to try the classes. This is something that we should all consider for our teenage patients, especially those who need conditioning and those who would benefit from being able to defend themselves and the resultant increase in self esteem. I have no direct affiliation with the facility other than watching Alexis during her classes. Just something to consider…”

“Wow. I’m am extremely impressed with your customer service. I have made it my goal to recruit more members to show my appreciation and because my son loves the classes!” 

“On behalf of Walter Panas High School, thank you so very much for providing such a powerful presentation to our students.  Those who selected the Self Defense seminar will surely go on to their young adult life with valuable information about the need for self defense.  We are fortunate to have the resources of KMNY in the area and look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“Hi Pat, I wanted to pass on the above link and suggest that it be added to United Way’s database of anti-bullying, assertiveness training and self-esteem building resources.  Last Tuesday, Davide Gristina Westchester’s “Bully Expert”, provided the second of two pro-bono trainings for our foster parents in his unique approach to bullying prevention; Verbal Judo.  Davide is a dynamic and engrossing presenter and was extremely well-received by the attendees.  This training has also been presented to local school districts and crisis responders/negotiators.  Located in Somers, his center is convenient for both Westchester and Putnam residents.  With the new school year upon us, this is a valuable resource for both parents and professionals.”

“Your so welcome Davide.  You are a joy.  Michael so enjoys class.  Your such a positive and inspiring instructor.  I really like watching you teach the children.”

“First of all, my son and I are LOVING your school! We are just so happy we found you. Your school is our new family and we are both just so content. Thank you for that. Seriously. I literally can’t thank you and your Krav family enough for helping us to heal, let go of the old school, and open our hearts, minds and muscles to the new and improved way of self-defense. Your family is now our family and I am just so grateful.”

“You have built a wonderful institution with KMNY that changes lives – especially with how people think.  Not a lot of leaders can say that.”

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