Krav Maga Classes

Fitness and Self Defense

Krav Maga classes offer real world self defense.  The added benefit is fitness. You get in great physical shape while learning a realistic system of self defense. 

Krav Maga can be learned by anyone regardless of size, strength or ability. And the fitness workouts, favored among elite forces and Hollywood stars alike, are go at your own pace, challenging, spirited and fun. 


We run close to 50 classes every week, ranging from fitness, to self defense for adults and kids, women only classes, family classes and other classes like Boxing, KickBoxing, Segments, Fighting Techniques, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Yoga.

And every class we teach is a stand alone lesson, meaning that you don’t need to know what we covered in yesterday’s class in order to participate today.  You can attend class anytime.     

For Everyday People

We love beginners, offer a dedicated, expert staff, are open 7-days a week and all of our classes are age appropriate and level appropriate. 

We’ll help you achieve your personal fitness goals, learn an elite skill set in the process, gain a sense of pride and uniqueness, and feel safe. Others will notice a change in you.

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Which Class Is Right For You?

About Krav Maga New York Practice Outdoors

For adult men and women, we recommend starting with a Fundamentals class, or any Fitness class.  Kids and teens can also participate in an age appropriate trial classes. 

If you have experience with our training style or with other forms of martial arts, talk to us first, you may not want to start with a Fundamentals class.  

Below you’ll find a list of classes offered.  Pick one that’s right for you to learn more.  

Once you’ve decided on a class, see what people are saying about us and get started with a trial class package.  See you in class!

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About Krav Maga Classes

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Weekly Class Schedule

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Krav Maga Upcoming Events

Krav Maga events include seminars, promotions, presentations, and other speciality classes. Click here to see a list of upcoming events.

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Host a Presentation

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