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 near Somers
I definitely was looking for a change.  I had joined gyms before, but just kind of felt stuck.  My first class was brutal, I don't think I've ever sweat that much in my entire life, but I loved it.  I felt really proud.  I never thought that I would take a self defense class.  It seemed intimidating.  I was nervous to join a group of people who where...

Meet Sydney

Krav Maga near Somers
I travel internationally a lot to countries all over the world, several of them not safe at all.  I was bored with the traditional gym and I was looking for a workout routine that would comb one fitness with self defense, and something that was going to engage me mind and body.  And I found Krav.  My first class here was with Davide.  He's a wonderful teacher.  One thing that surprised me...

Meet Bob

Krav Maga near Somers
My concern about coming to Krav Maga New York was first that I was not fit enough, I was too old, I just was afraid that it would be too strenuous for me and I wouldn't be able to keep up.  I was wrong.  My first class there were other people like me who were just beginning.  There was no feeling that I couldn't do it.  I am strong enough, and I became fit doing Krav Maga and their fitness classes.  My family thought I was crazy at first... 

Meet Susan

Krav Maga near Somers

Adult Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga classes will help you develop real-world self-defense skills, improve their overall fitness, and live with complete confidence. Protect yourself, your family, and your community by using simple techniques taught by nationally recognized instructors committed to your goals. What you learn here will stay with you for a lifetime.

Krav Maga near Somers

Kids Krav Maga

Our Kids Krav Maga classes teach kids real life self defense skills including being aware of their surroundings, verbal judo, and self defense techniques. We want to help you ensure your child's safety at all times, contact us today to get started!

Krav Maga near Somers

Fitness Classes

Join us at Krav Maga New York for fitness classes that will put the punch back in your workout! By combining elements of Krav Maga, Kickboxing, kettlebell exercises, and more, we'll curate an awesome workout that you can take at your own pace. Plus, you'll have a great community at your back to support you, motivate you, and keep you accountable.

Krav Maga near Somers
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Why Choose Krav Maga New York?

We're better than your everyday gym. When you train with us, you'll get world-class training from high-quality instructors, learn practical self-defense, build robust fitness, and discover a passionate community. The best part is, we cater to everyday men and women from across Somers, Croton Falls, Purdys, and more! No matter your age, ability, or fitness level, we have a class that suits your individual needs, and our instructors are happy to provide hands-on guidance to help you achieve your goals. 

Real-World Self-Defense 

Krav Maga is an elite form of self-defense renowned worldwide for its simplicity and effectiveness. Characterized by simple, instinctive responses against common attacks, Krav Maga can be learned by anyone, irrespective of gender, strength, or ability. We cater to beginners and black belts alike, and we can teach it to you.

Fitness Classes That Pack A Punch

Our total-body fitness classes use a basis of martial arts training coupled with easy-to-follow functional fitness routines. Krav Maga-style workouts will keep you engaged, get you fit, give you effective self-defense skills, empower you to live confidently, and make training fun!

Everyday People

Our members are mothers, fathers, kids, teachers, lawyers, doctors, fire fighters, police officers, tradesmen, accountants... everyday people from all walks of life. We help each of our members achieve their personal fitness goals, learn elite fighting skills, feel confident and safe, and create enormous pride in themselves.

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Krav Maga near Somers
Krav Maga New York

Krav Maga New York Offers Unique Fitness Training

Join Us For Self-Defense Classes & Fitness Classes That Will Get You Into Great Shape!

Convenient Location in Somers - Krav Maga New York

Convenient Location

Krav Maga New York has been serving our community here in Somers since 2004, and is home to hundreds of families and dozens of instructors. We are located only minutes from Katonah, Yorktown, Mahopac, Chappaqua, Bedford, Mount Kisco, Golden Bridge, North Salen, Purdys, and Croton Falls!

An Inclusive Schedule in Somers - Krav Maga New York

An Inclusive Schedule

Our expert staff teach level-appropriate Krav Maga and self-defense classes, plus fitness classes to help you reclaim your body. We're open 7 days a week and offer classes every day, ranging from beginner through black belt classes. We help our members achieve their personal fitness goals, gain a sense of pride, and live fearlessly.

Trial Class Packages in Somers - Krav Maga New York

Trial Class Packages

Our members are everyday men and women from all walks of life, so we offer just a diverse an array of trial packages to give anyone from our community the chance to try out our proven training methods. Experience what Krav Maga has to offer YOU... it's easier than ever to get started!

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