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  • Snapshot - 022020

    Snapshot - 022020

    Here's a Snapshot of what's happening.
    Dates & Events : Saturday February 22nd - FREE MMA Seminar with Bill (off site). 11:30-1pm - Intro To KM. 1:30 - 3:30 & Boxing Seminar. Space is limited. Please make sure to RSVP. Saturday February 22nd - Girl Scout Seminar (troop tbd) at 2 pm. Saturday February 29th - Kids Belt Promotion (during regular class time). Sunday March 1st - Private Seminar at the Hamptons. Message Board : In the past month we've added 16 new members. You may see new faces around. Please introduce yourself and help us welcome them. We have a Facebook page and separately, a Facebook group. If you're not a member of our Facebook group, request to join. ....

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  • College Prep for Women

    College Prep for Women

    We're teaming up with Saw Mill Club (SMC) in Mt. Kisco to teach teens 6 things every woman should know before heading off to college. Lead by Krav Maga Black Belt level Instructor Erin O, this 6-week course begins on Friday October 18th, 2019 at 6:30 pm. It will meet every Friday thereafter for 6-weeks. Each session will run approximately 90 minutes. You don't have to be a club member to participate. To register, click here . Hope to see you there, Team KMNY ....

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  • The Safe Way to Get Fit

    The Safe Way to Get Fit

    Krav Maga . The first time you came across those two words, you probably thought they sound exotic and mysterious, right? In fact, what they represent is quite simple and straightforward. The words Krav Maga literally translate to contact-combat . The experience, though, translates to much more than that - a full transformation of mindset, body and attitude not achievable anywhere else. As students learn how to defend themselves in real-life situations, they get the bonus of getting in great physical shape. But wait – there’s more! Krav Maga also focuses the mind, relieves stress, builds confidence. Krav Maga moves are not complicated to learn. Our ....

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  • Krav Maga Street Smart

    Krav Maga Street Smart

    At KMNY, we are proud of our widespread appeal to “everyday people.” As our website says, “No matter your age, ability, or fitness level,” we welcome you with open arms into our friendly family of instructors and students. We love nothing more than seeing all types of folks walk through our doors, whether it’s for the first time or for the 100 th time! That’s why we got a big kick (pun absolutely intended) out of reading about a very cool lady across the pond in England who embodies the “everyday people” we embrace. A woman by the name of Gulshen Bano, who hails from a United Kingdom town just outside the city of Birmingham, ....

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  • The Art of Self Defense

    The Art of Self Defense

    “The Art of Self-Defense” is being called a “dark horse” for best summer movie. It’s a feel good dark comedy that has the potential to make you feel great. One reviewer called it “a strong early contender for best film of the year”, and after After 21 reviews on film fan site Rotten Tomatoes , it had a 95% percent approval rating. Show biz news Variety describes the movie this way : In this machismo-critiquing cult comedy, Jesse Eisenberg plays a wimp whose desire to man up compels him to join an off-kilter karate studio. And yeah, the movie is funny and clever and dark, and it pokes fun at “toxic masculinity.” ....

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  • Women's Self Defense Krav Maga Style- Part 4 Putting It All Together: Sheep or Sheepdog?

    Women's Self Defense Krav Maga Style- Part 4 Putting It All Together: Sheep or Sheepdog?

    Congratulations. If you have made it this far and you are still reading our Women’s Self Defense article series, you have at least taken the initiative to learn more about your own self-defense. That is the first step in making yourself more prepared to deal with the violent world we live in and moving along the continuum from sheep to Sheepdog. If you have read my 3 previous Women’s Self Defense articles and have not tuned me out yet, I am guessing that you have at least accepted the possibility that you may be involved in a violent confrontation someday. In our previous articles we discussed Situational Awareness; The Predator Optic and the Attack Cycle; and The Switch: The ....

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  • Women's Self Defense Krav Maga Style- Part 3- The "Switch" (The Attack and Your Response)

    Women's Self Defense Krav Maga Style- Part 3- The "Switch" (The Attack and Your Response)

    Authors Note: This article deals with the situation where you are being threatened with violence or actually being physically attacked by a predator. By this point your Situational Awareness has been outmaneuvered and you are being threatened or you are taking damage. The opportunity for avoidance is lost, your reaction time is compressed, the fight is on. Many experts offer opinions on whether or not victims should fight back or comply with a predator. I do not presume to decide for any person which course of conduct is “best”. That is your decision. I do offer my own philosophy that if you are going to fight there are two thresholds to consider seriously: If a predator tries ....

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  • The Predator Optic and The Attack Cycle- Ladies Only Self Defense Classes| Lethal Ladies, Part 2

    The Predator Optic and The Attack Cycle- Ladies Only Self Defense Classes| Lethal Ladies, Part 2

    Authors Note: This article deals with real world violence, not the sanitized violence of TV shows. I have been involved in the investigation of over 100 homicides and countless assaults and rapes. When violent assaults occur on the street, they are immediate, ferocious and bloody. I have described this difference between what we think violence will look like and what it actually does look like as comparing a drawing to a photograph. This article deals with the reality, not the drawing. Forewarned is Forearmed. Unlike the animal kingdom where predators will attack primarily for food, territory or self-defense, human predators can have several different motivations. In this article we ....

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  • Situational Awareness | Women's Self Defense- Lethal Ladies, Part 1

    Situational Awareness | Women's Self Defense- Lethal Ladies, Part 1

    We often hear about “Situational Awareness” and the role it can play in Women’s Self Defense. When I train women clients in Krav Maga, I always include a running dialogue about awareness, predator optics, victim selection and strategies to minimize our “attractiveness” as victims. Awareness skills are not as common as you might think among the general population and need to be developed through practice and exercise, just like any other skill. We increase our ability to notice things in our environment by purposely doing so and making it habit. After some training in what to look for, I give my trainees “homework” to both sharpen their observation ....

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  • Family Activities | Krav Maga Style

    Family Activities | Krav Maga Style

    If you’re interested in alternative, fun, one-of-a-kind family activities, Krav Maga style family classes combine fitness, elite self defense training and character development strategies for kids. Plus, classes offer parents the unique opportunity to coach and work out with their children. Family classes promote a fun, structured and supportive environment that’s appropriately paced for even our youngest Krav Maga students to experience fitness, learn techniques, acquire confidence, and build self-esteem – with Mom and/or Dad both participating and coaching alongside. “I love taking class with Ms. Trish, and me and my dad go out to lunch after.” – ....

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